Creating Capacity

What is Bowdoin House? 

In late June 2018, a group of Black Mainers signed a one-year rental agreement on a plot of land in Bowdoin, Maine, totalling 1.6 acres. On this plot of land stands a 5-bedroom house, two useable barns, and a hoop house. We are excited about the bounty that this land and property will bring into the lives of Black folks and People of Color living in southern Maine. In our vision, this land and property will be multi-use, and will provide a space for members of our community to gather, create, and collaborate.

How will we grow?

The house will be used as a shared and communal living space. After establishing a communal living space, some rooms in the house will be reserved for short retreats and longer (artistic/creative) residencies. The land surrounding the house will also be used as camping retreat space. Both barns will be used as a creative space for Black and PoC artists, and a learning space for artistic workshops. The 3-season hoop house, will be used to grow food and sustenance for house residents and people visiting and staying on the land. The hoop house and the rest of the property will also be used as a learning site during the growing/farming season. Partners of our work are interested in bringing agricultural and foraging learning opportunities to the site. We cannot contain our excitement for all that is to come!

Walk-through: Take a peak at the downstairs of this lovely space! 

Open House:  Bowdoin House is a community living space which will be dedicated to the upliftment and enrichment of people of color in Maine and beyond ! Providing space for artist residencies, workshops, music, poetry, and even a little farming ! We are honored to have opened up the space to PoC from the community for an afternoon or music, poetry, food, and celebration!